Kids Circus

There’s a reason people run off to join the circus…..because it’s fun!!!

Where’s My Unicorn? facilitates a safe and fun environment for kids to try out those alluring circus apparatus we all know you as adults are also dying to try too!

Circus skills are a fun and healthy way for kids of all ages to get active, focus attention, swap tricks and tips with friends and learn incredible skills like hula hooping, contact staff, diablo, spinning plates, juggling, poi and more. The physical benefits of kids’ circus include improved hand-eye coordination, flexibility and strength. Kids also develop essential life-skills, including self-confidence, teamwork and trust , who know they may even be a natural and discover whole new world of opportunity. But we just do it for the fun!!!

Kids Parties

A great way to keep the kids entertained at birthday parties, with a trained entertainer to teach them the basics and get the games flowing you won;t need to worry about the line…..’im bored’…. with this one!

Food Truck and Market Event

Need some entertainment with an edge to the draw the families in. Clowns are so last season. Kids circus connects family and friends while they will away the hours at your event. Who wouldn’t hang around when the kids are entertained for hours! You could even call it learning, but we don;t tell the kids that!