Meet the Characters

We come to your event in character at no extra cost. If you prefer we just be ourselves or even wear your Branding or Corporate Logo, this can also be arranged.

Introducing Sassy Cat!


Meeeow! Sassy Cat, the first member of our team at Where’s My Unicorn? Sassy Cat loves to play. Invite her out to one of your events and you’re sure to have lots of playful fun. Just keep your pet mice in the bedroom, she is a cat after all!


Introducing Miss Zoops!


Did you know that Miss Zoops from the planet Moops hoops too!?! Yes indeed! So call your favorite friends and get them round for a party of the hula hoop kind. Make sure there’s lots of treats on hand because you’re going to need the energy for this interactive hooping party!


Introducing Tinker Hoop!


Too busy playing with hula hoops, face paint and glitter this little fairy never cared much for fairy dust. Tell your friends it’s a pink affair and get your tulle on. There’s plenty of glitter to go around playing with Tinker Hoop.


Had something else in mind?

Talk to us about your character needs and we’re sure the’re hiding out the back somewhere ready to come to your next event. Word on the street is there’s a few fairies, princesses and super hero’s coming back from holiday soon and eager to meet you!